Embersilk Cloth

Farming Embersilk Cloth can be a pain to farm, if you don’t know where the best farming locations are. But most of the great spots require you to get a Potion of Treasure Finding.The potion last for 60 minutes and will give you a chance to find a Tiny Treasure Chest. This chest can contain 4-18 Embersilk Cloth and 1-5 Volatile (the elements of Cataclysm). Therefore the amount of Embersilk Cloth you get will increase dramaticly.

I highly recommend you to be level 90 for most of these spots, but they are doable as level 85+. Just remember you will not earn as much, as you would if you were level 90.

Spot I

We will be heading to Tol Barad. Use a class that have a ranged instant cast spell and with no cooldown as you are gonna run all the time while doing this spot. The mobs are standing 2 by 2 and fighting each other, they spawn relatively fast, but the downside is they stand far from each other, so you gotta be on the move all the time, only stop to loot.
All the red dots show where the mobs are located and sometimes there will be a patrolling pack right beside player arrow on the map.

What you will get:

– Roughly around 480-540 Embersilk Cloth per hour.
– Around 500-1000 gold worth of greens per hour.
– Around 80 different kind of Volatiles per hour.

Embersilk spot I

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